D-Link DIR devices Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

Technical Details

Severity Level:

High Severity

CVSS Score:


CVSS Base Vector:

Detection Type:
Remote Vulnerability

Solution Type:
None Available

Multiple D-Link DIR devices are prone to an authentication bypass vulnerability.

Detection Method:
Tries to access sensitive pages without authentication.

Technical Details:
The SharePort Web Access on D-Link DIR devices allows authentication bypass through a direct request to folder_view.php or category_view.php.

Successful exploitation would allow an attacker to access sensitive data or execute php code contained in files on the target machine.

Affected Versions:
Following devices and firmwares are affected: - D-Link DIR-868L REVB through version 2.03 - D-Link DIR-885L REVA through version 1.20 - D-Link DIR-895L REVA through version 1.21 Other devices and firmware versions may also be affected.

No known solution is available as of 30th September, 2019. Information regarding this issue will be updated once solution details are available.


Web application abuses

Creation Time:

2019-09-30 09:55:55

Modification Time:

2019-09-30 11:07:12

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