MatrixSSL <= 4.2.1 RCE Vulnerability

Technical Details

Severity Level:

High Severity

CVSS Score:


CVSS Base Vector:

Detection Type:
Remote Banner Unreliable

Solution Type:
None Available

MatrixSSL is prone to a remote code execution vulnerability.

Detection Method:
Checks if a vulnerable version is present on the target host.

Technical Details:
The DTLS server mishandles incoming network messages leading to a heap-based buffer overflow of up to 256 bytes and possible Remote Code Execution in parseSSLHandshake in sslDecode.c. During processing of a crafted packet, the server mishandles the fragment length value provided in the DTLS message.

Affected Versions:
MatrixSSL version 4.2.1 and prior.

No known solution is available as of 05th August, 2019. Information regarding this issue will be updated once solution details are available.



Creation Time:

2019-08-05 07:31:52

Modification Time:

2019-08-05 07:37:34

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