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Impact by CVSS Score
  • ID: CVE-2013-3365

TRENDnet TEW-812DRU router allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in the (1) wan network prefix to internet/ipv6.asp; (2) remote port to adm/management.asp; (3) pptp username, (4) pptp password, (5) ip, (6) gateway, (7) l2tp username, or (8) l2tp password to internet/wan.asp; (9) NtpDstStart, (10) NtpDstEnd, or (11) NtpDstOffset to adm/time.asp; or (12) device url to adm/management.asp. NOTE: vectors 9, 10, and 11 can be exploited by unauthenticated remote attackers by leveraging CVE-2013-3098.

Exploitability Analysis:

This is a vulnerability exploitable with network access which means the vulnerable software is bound to the network stack and the attacker does not require local network access or local access to exploit it. Such a vulnerability is often termed “remotely exploitable”.

Exploitability Complexity:

The access conditions are somewhat specialized; the following are examples: The attacking party is limited to a group of systems or users at some level of authorization, possibly untrusted. Some information must be gathered before a successful attack can be launched. The affected configuration is non-default, and is not commonly configured (e.g., a vulnerability present when a server performs user account authentication via a specific scheme, but not present for another authentication scheme). The attack requires a small amount of social engineering that might occasionally fool cautious users (e.g., phishing attacks that modify a web browser’s status bar to show a false link, having to be on someone’s “buddy” list before sending an IM exploit).


One instance of authentication is required to access and exploit the vulnerability.

Confidentiality Impact:

There is total information disclosure, resulting in all system files being revealed. The attacker is able to read all of the system's data (memory, files, etc.).

Integrity Impact:

There is a total compromise of system integrity. There is a complete loss of system protection, resulting in the entire system being compromised. The attacker is able to modify any files on the target system.

Availability Impact:

There is a total shutdown of the affected resource. The attacker can render the resource completely unavailable.

CVSS Score
Remotely Exploitable
2014-02-04 16:55:05
2014-02-05 09:26:40

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