ClientServiceConfigController.cs in Enghouse Cloud Contact Center Platform 7.2.5 has functionality for loading external XML files and parsing them, allowing an attacker to upload a malicious XML file and reference it in the URL of the application, forcing the application to load and parse the malicious XML file, aka an XXE issue.

  • Published Date: Tuesday 14th of May 2019 03:29:00 PM
  • Modified Date: Wednesday 15th of May 2019 09:48:12 AM
    • Network Access Vector: The attacker does not require local network access or local access.
    • Authentication Vector: Authentication is not required to access and exploit the vulnerability.
    • Complexity Vector: The attack can be performed manually and requires little skill or additional information gathering.
    • Availability Impact: There is reduced performance or interruptions in resource availability.
    • Integrity Impact: Modification of some system files is posible.
    • Confidentiality Impact: There is considerable information disclosure.
    • CVSS Score: 7.5
    • Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Dictionary
      • cpe:2.3:a:enghouse:contact_center\:_service_provider:7.2.5
    • Reference:

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