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Name Severity Details
SYS.2.2.3.A3 Detection
SYS.2.2.3.A7 Detection
SYS.2.2.3.A2 Detection
SYS.2.2.3.A23 Detection
SYS.2.2.3.A8 Detection
Test existence of App-Armor, SeLinux Detection
SYS.2.3 Clients unter Unix Detection
SYS.2.2.3 Clients unter Windows 10 Detection
Read the config of the User Account Control feature over SMB Detection
SYS.2.2.2 Clients unter Windows 8.1 Detection
SYS.1.2.2 Windows Server 2012 Detection
SYS.1.3 Server unter Unix Detection
Autoinstall drivers (Windows) Detection
Get Windows TCP Netstat over win_cmd_exec Detection
Search in LDAP the lastLogonTimestamp of Users. Detection
Get Windows Terminal Server Settings Detection
SLAD snort Detection
Last Username (Windows) Detection
IT-Grundschutz: SSH and Telnet BruteForce attack Detection
Read the Screensaver-Configuration (enabled and lock) on GNOME and KDE Detection
Check for rlogin, rsh, rcp tools and configuration Detection
Test System if cryptsetup is installed and the SWAP Partition encrypted Detection
Read /etc/fstab and search for Volumes with reiserfs Detection
Check Sendmail Configuration Detection
IT-Grundschutz: List reject Rule on Cisco Voip Devices over Telnet Detection

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