We believe that people and businesses with passion for cybersecurity can safeguard their networks, digital assets and data from hackers in an easy, efficient and cost-effective way.

Plans Free Version Professional Business Enterprise Concierge
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Assets
Daily Updates
Asset Management
Remediation Tickets
Malware Detection
Authenticated Scans
Vulnerability Reports
Unlimited Users
Resource Sharing
Vulnerability Overrides
Scan Policies
Resource Tagging
Group and Role-Based Access
Scan Profiles
Database Backup and Restore
Air-Gapped Database Update
Virtual Appliance Backup and Restore
Distribuited Scanning Sensors
Virtual Appliances: VMware and VirtualBox
Schedule Scanning
Event Notifications and Alerts
API Access
LDAP Integration
Permisssions Access Control List
Offline CVE Audit

In order to receive technical assistance, a support plan is required for all software deployments. Users of the Free Version can use for free the documentation and community site.

Documentation Site
Support Hours M-F 9AM-5PM EST M-F 9AM-5PM EST M-F 9AM-5PM EST 24x7x365
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Email Support
  • You can communicate via email and receive fast and authoritative answers to technical questions about Mageni Security Platform.
  • You can talk directly and privately with to receive advice on implementation and optimization.
Portal Support
  • Open and manage your support tickets.
Chat Support
Ticket Response Times SLA
  • Response time to a ticket does not means that the issue will be solved within that timeframe. As you know, a case could take hours to be solved after you receive the initial response to your ticket. The response time only implies that you will receive an initial response to your ticket within that time.

24 business hours

C1-Low: 24 hr

C2-Medium: 12 hr

C3-High: 6 hr

C4-Critical: 3 hr

C1-Low: 12 hr

C2-Medium: 6 hr

C3-High: 3 hr

C4-Critical: 1 hr

Near Real-Time (NRT).

Slack Support
Phone Support
  • You can call us on the phone +(914) 437-5886 during support hours, or send email requesting a callback. We are happy to participate in phone conferences, including phone conferences involving both you and your customers.
Migration from competing solutions
  • We help you to make a migration from competing vulnerability scanning solutions.
Instructor-Led Courses
  • Prepare your staff with the product knowledge to achieve your security goals.
Technical Account Management
  • Designated Technical Account Manager to proactively manage your cases.
  • Proactively monitor your environment and assist with optimization of your vulnerability management program.
WhatsApp Support
  • Direct access to the WhatsApp number of the developers and technical team to open your cases.
Mobile Support
  • Direct access to the mobile phone of the developers and technical team to open your cases.
iMessage Support
  • Direct access to the iMessage number of the developers and technical team to open your cases.
Proactive Support
  • Infrastructure Event Management
  • Well-Architected Reviews
  • Operations Reviews
  • Concierge coordinates access to programs as needed.
Case management
  • Opens, closes, manages, fixes all support cases.
Architectural Guidance
  • Consultative review and guidance based on your network topology, applications, servers and infrastructure
  • We include this limitation to set clear expectations. If you think you might need more cases solved over the course of 12 months, please contact us in advance to make specialized arrangements suitable to your specific needs. Please note that we count only solved cases, not opened. You can open as many cases as you need.
50 Solved Cases 100 Solved Cases 250 Solved Cases 500 Solved Cases
Price Forever Free $99/monthly $759/monthly $3,599/monthly $10,199/monthly
Free Download Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
  • Subscription does not cover on-site visits.
  • Prices are in US Dollars.
  • For a speedy resolution of your case, Concierge requires remote access to the appliance.
  • We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club payments from customers worldwide.
  • Contact us if you want to pay with Checks Wire Transfer.
Case Severity:
  • C1 - Low: Only requiring information. There is no impact on the platform.
  • C2 - Medium: Platform impaired however it remains operational.
  • C3 - High: Platform severely degraded
  • C4 - Severe: Platform completely impaired.

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