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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What does Mageni offer?

Mageni is a next-generation cloud security and compliance solution. It helps businesses simplify IT security operations and lower the cost of compliance by delivering critical security and threat intelligence on demand and automates the full spectrum of auditing, assessment, compliance and protection for Internet perimeter systems, internal networks, and web applications.

The Mageni and its integrated suite of security and compliance solutions provides organizations of all sizes with a global view of their security and compliance status, while drastically reducing their total cost of ownership. Mageni solutions include: continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, risk assessment, threat intelligence, PCI compliance, security assessment, web application scanning and malware detection.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Mageni Aurora gives you immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest threats and how to protect them. It helps you to continuously secure your IT infrastructure and comply with internal policies and external regulations. Mageni checks your servers, computers and other devices for vulnerabilities and helps you identify the patches you need to download to fix them. It keeps track of the security problems it finds for each system, and provides graphical reports that tell you which patches to use on which systems so that you can get the most improvement in security for the least effort.

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is an integral component of vulnerability management. VA is the process of identifying network and device vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Is Mageni a software product or a service?

Mageni has two delivery models:

  1. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, which allows users to access Mageni from any Web browser. This unique SaaS platform enables organizations to assess and manage its security exposures freeing them from the substantial cost, resource and deployment issues associated with traditional software products. Mageni is capable of managing Internet exposed vulnerabilities as well as vulnerabilities found on hosts that are not directly accessible from the Internet.
  2. For those entities that want an on-premise solution, Mageni offers MSSPs, enterprises and government agencies our innovative security and compliance solutions as a private cloud from your own data center where you retain full control of all the underlying security data and a full on-premise deployment without our private cloud.
Is Mageni host-based or network-based?

Mageni is a cloud-based solution that detects vulnerabilities on all networked assets, including servers, network devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, etc.), peripherals (such as IP-based printers or fax machines), workstations, web and mobile applications. Mageni can assess any device that has an IP address. Mageni works both from the Internet to assess perimeter devices as well as from the inside of your network, to assess risk from an internal perspective, using secure, hardened Mageni Aurora Appliances.