Batavi Multiple Local File Include and Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Published: 2011-02-22 12:26:53

CVSS Base Vector:

Detection Type:
Remote Vulnerability

Batavi is prone to multiple local file-include and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities because it fails to properly sanitize user-supplied input.

An attacker can exploit the local file-include vulnerabilities using directory-traversal strings to view and execute local files within the context of the affected application. Information harvested may aid in further attacks. The attacker may leverage the cross-site scripting issues to execute arbitrary script code in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site. This may let the attacker steal cookie- based authentication credentials and launch other attacks.

Affected Versions:
Batavi 1.0 is vulnerable. Other versions may also be affected.

No known solution was made available for at least one year since the disclosure of this vulnerability. Likely none will be provided anymore. General solution options are to upgrade to a newer release, disable respective features, remove the product or replace the product by another one.

Solution Type:
Vendor will not fix

SecurityFocus Bugtraq ID:


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