Edimax Products Multiple Vulnerabilities

Published: 2015-09-02 10:20:18

CVSS Base Vector:

Detection Type:
Remote Vulnerability

This host is installed with Edimax product(s) and is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Detection Method:
Send a crafted request via HTTP GET and check whether it is able to bypass authentication or not.

Technical Details:
Multiple flwas are due to the HTTP authorization is not being properly verified while sendind POST requests to '.cgi' and GET requests to 'FUNCTION_SCRIPT' and 'main.asp'.

Successful exploitation will allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary script code in a user's browser, bypass authentication and read arbitrary files to obtain detail information about products.

Affected Versions:
Edimax BR6228nS/BR6228nC (Firmware version: 1.22) Edimax PS-1206MF (Firmware version: 4.8.25).

No known solution was made available for at least one year since the disclosure of this vulnerability. Likely none will be provided anymore. General solution options are to upgrade to a newer release, disable respective features, remove the product or replace the product by another one.

Solution Type:
Vendor will not fix



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