Free and open-source vulnerability scanner

Mageni eases for you the vulnerability scanning, assessment, and management process. It is free and open source.

Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

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Mageni is an open-source contribution supported by industry-leading vulnerability intelligence.

Internal and External Scans

Scan your internal and public assets for vulnerabilities.


Get the recommendations to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities.

Secure your Applications

Scan third-party applications like Java, Chrome, Adobe and more.

Comprehensive Coverage

Scan servers, workstations and network devices for vulnerabilities.

Report and Analyze

Receive a report of the vulnerabilities that affect your assets.

More visibility

Perform non-credentialed or credentialed scans.


Prioritize the vulnerabilities based on CVSS, severity and other variables.

SSL Certificates

Improve the security of your secure layer and certificates.

Mageni is open source That level of transparency ensures both the security of Mageni, and your peace of mind concerning what Mageni does while scanning your networks.