What no other vendor tells you about vulnerabilities.

According to the VulnDB, there are more than 163,000 known vulnerabilities of which +94000 have a CVE ID (CVE is a standard reporting convention for publicly known information security vulnerabilities). However, vulnerability management products like, for example, Tenable Nessus, only detect +40231 CVE ID’s leaving dozens of thousands of vulnerabilities to uncover. Mageni AuroraTM is the first and only vulnerability and risk management that detects more than 160,000 known vulnerabilities of which +94000 have a CVE ID, and with a 0% false positives SLA.

Don’t leave an iceberg of risks to uncover.

At Mageni, we developed Aurora to empower you to secure IT. Aurora uses artificial intelligence to discover more than 160k vulnerabilities with a 0% false positive SLA, so you won’t have to leave an iceberg of vulnerabilities to uncover.

How Aurora is reinventing the risk and vulnerability management

Mageni AuroraTM is the first and only unified solution that using artificial intelligence and a human-machine symbiosis performs vulnerability assessment to any kind of infrastructure and applications, including the applications’ source code. This allows Mageni AuroraTM to detect way more vulnerabilities than our competition at a very affordable price.

All the features you need to protect your organization

When it is simply to do everything, you can protect anything.

With Aurora, everything is designed to work just the way you expect it to — from operating it with a simple and intuitive interface, to knowing your risks and closing automagically your vulnerabilities. Whatever you set out to do, with Aurora there’s much less to learn and much more to accomplish.

Mageni AuroraTM is better than Qualys and Tenable at half the price.
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Comparison Table

  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Machine-Learning Risk Prediction
  • Sensitive Data Searches
  • Malware Detection
  • APT Detection
  • OWASP Top Ten Web Scan
  • Risk Management
  • OWASP Top Ten Mobile Scan
  • Dynamic App Security Testing
  • Mobile App Security Testing
  • Interactive App Security Testing
  • Static App Security Testing
  • WASC Threat Classification
  • Safe Exploit Validation (SEV)
  • Cyber Kill Chain
  • Free REST API
  • Intelligent Remediation Tracking
  • Configuration Auditing
  • Authenticated Scanning
  • Threat Based Prioritization
  • PCI Internal Vulnerability Scan
  • Compliance Checks
  • 0% false positive SLA
  • SCADA Assessment
  • M.L. Threat Intelligence
  • Trouble Ticketing & Tracking
  • Integrated Advisory Services
  • Compromise Assessment
  • 64 TB of data retention
  • Private instance per customer
  • DevSecOps Enabled
Mageni AuroraTM

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